I am an Italian Noahide.

The Noahide ban on murder also includes the killing of a fetus ( see Rambam's Mishneh Torah-Hilchot Melachim 9:4 ).

I have read that according to a Talmudic tradition, I do not know if codified as a halakhah on the matter, the embryo before the fortieth day from conception is to be considered "mere water".

Now, Italian law allows voluntary abortion within three months of conception; however, in the event that the fetus is suffering from serious malformations or serious diseases (for example: Down syndrome), the legislator allows the so-called " therapeutic abortion "even if the 90 days from conception have elapsed, and even if there is no danger of life for the pregnant woman.

I would like to know,in light of the Noahide Law,if:

-The aforementioned hypothesis of therapeutic abortion is or is not lawful for Gentiles, considering that the diagnosis of serious deformities and serious diseases of a fetus does not normally occur until 4/5 months after conception;

-If, by virtue of the aforementioned Talmudic tradition, a goy woman can voluntarily abort without limitations within the 40th day from conception;

-If, beyond the 40th day from conception, there are hypotheses, apart from the danger of the woman's life and the serious illnesses or deformations mentioned above, that can legitimize a voluntary abortion.

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