There is an acronym for the liquids that make things able to be made ritually impure. The Halacha is in order for fruit and the like to be made ritually impure it has to be made wet with these particular liquids. They are represented in the acronym יד שחט דם which stands for:

  1. יין = Wine

  2. דם = Blood

  3. שמן = Oil

  4. חלב = Milk

  5. טל = Dew

  6. דבש = Honey

  7. מים = water

Now there is a remez that each of these liquids represents a Holiday on the Jewish calender. Most are quite simple:

  1. יין = Wine = Purim because we drink until we get drunk

  2. דם = Blood = Yom Kippur when fasting we lose fat and blood and we spray it in the Temple

  3. שמן = Oil = Chanukah as we light and cook with it

  4. חלב = Milk = Shavous as we eat Dairy

  5. טל = Dew = We ask for it on Pesach

  6. דבש = Honey = Rosh Hashanah dip the apple in the Honey (you know the rest of the song)

  7. מים = water = Succos as we celebrate the drawing of the water

What I would like to know is where is the source for the expansion on this Remez?

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  • Sefardim don’t dip the apple in the honey. How does דבש work then? :) – DonielF Sep 27 '18 at 16:07

Yes, it is in Orach Chaim 158:4. I bring it, along with many other acronyms and abbreviations, at http://havolim.blogspot.com/2008/04/metzora-vayikra-1421-veim-dal-hu-korban.html

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