I am looking for a Portuguese translated Tanakh? My brother in law wishes to explore Torah and is Brazilian by background. I would like to help him read in his native tongue to understand. Thank you!


maybe this will help, if has access to internet.



  • This has only Genesis chapter 1 as of Sep. 2021. Sep 13 at 13:35

As there seems to be a lack of Jewish translations, the following are Christian Bibles but they may be useful so long as one keeps that in mind and that they may contain some non-Judaic renderings.

  1. The translation of the Bible by the Christian pastor João Ferreira de Almeida (1819) is available in many places such as
  1. There is a "Brasilian Translation of the Bible" (1917) by Dr. H. C. Tucker et. al.
    The translators are also Christian.
    Tradução Brasileira da Bíblia

Gênesis 1:1
No princípio criou Deus o céu e a terra.

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    Giving a recommendation to someone looking to find out more about the Tanach of a Christian translation of the Old Testament of the Bible is extremely dangerous. Christian translations are not Tanach, and are pushing a Jesus narrative. Please remove this.
    – Yehuda
    Sep 10 at 14:06
  • @Yehuda "extremely" dangerous in my opinion no. Danger is everywhere. "In the way a person wants to go, that's where he's lead." For someone already leaning toward Judaism and Tanakh who needs basic literal meaning of the words I think this is useful, especially in the apparent absence of a free and Judaic translation. Christian and Jesus-skewed biases in Christian Bibles are generally very few and are easily questioned and easily refuted. Sep 10 at 14:59
  • @Yehuda However in regard to that danger I've added and clarified a caveat. Sep 10 at 15:44

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