Please provide sources, preferably kabbalistic.

  • Yes. Non-kabbalistic source, jewishpress.com/in-print/the-golden-leg/2017/10/23, The following morning Rabbi Chanina said to his wife: “Are you satisfied that all the righteous people in Gan Eden should sit at tables which contain three legs while we should have a table containing only two legs? Do you realize we will be enjoying our reward in this world?”
    – pcoz
    Jul 28 '21 at 3:24
  • thank you! I am also looking for sources about family members (and even friends or teachers) other than one's spouse...that is of particular interest to me
    – Yehuda
    Jul 28 '21 at 3:41
  • Yehuda FYI if you want to answer someone you need to preface your comment with @ and their username. That way the systems pings then and you can be sure they will see your comment
    – mbloch
    Jul 28 '21 at 6:03
  • @Yehuda The gemoro in BB says about the meoras hamachpela that someone went there and saw Avrohom and Soroh together. (like in each others arms). Why are tsadikim buried with their wives. I dont think though everyone merits this.
    – interested
    Jul 28 '21 at 8:15

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