I doubt that there are many but I am would be interested to know if there are any Sefarim written about the different colors of blood which render a women impure which are available to the public. I once saw a pamphlet a couple of years ago written by a Rabbi in Jerusalem defending the "Tepliker" mesorah and explaining it quite thoroughly. I no longer remember who this Rabbi was though so i know that these seforim do exist.

  • This often seems to depend on the rov's eyesight so would be hard to quantify.
    – pcoz
    Jul 21 at 23:19

When I learned Hilchos Nidda in YU, my Rebbi quoted extensively from a 2 volume set called "תא חזי", available at many seforim stores. Vol 1, Vol 2

I don't think that they have pictures, but these things can't really be captured in a picture. It's about the halachos.


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