If a Jew made early Shabbos, I see the mechaber in OC 263:17 says that one may ask a Jew to do melacha for him (assuming he did not accept Shabbos yet).

Would the same hold true of asking a non-Jew to do melacha when one made early Shabbos?

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R Doniel Schreiber answers your question here (point #6)

In the period of early Shabbat when most Jews have not yet accepted Shabbat, one who has accepted Shabbat is permitted to ask non-Jews to perform melakha for him even if it is not for the purpose of a mitzva. However, once most Jews have accepted Shabbat, it is permitted only if it is for the needs of Shabbat, up until tzeit ha-kokhavim (OC 261:1 and MB 261:17)

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