Is the mitzvah of paas shachris a chiyuv or is it halachically permissable for someone to not eat breakfast every morning?

If it is a chiyuv what is the best way and also what is the simplest way to complete the mitzvah? (Please bring sources of course)

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    If you are fasting half day you don't need to have pas shacharis.
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dinonline responds to your question as such

The idea of pas shel shacharis — morning bread, or breakfast — is not an “obligation,” but is stated by the Sages of the Gemara by way of good advice. The Gemara writes that no less than 83 ailments are countered by “morning bread,” and a number of additional benefits are also mentioned, such as the ability to focus well on one’s studies, and another twelve benefits (Bava Metzia 107b).

The Tur (Orach Chaim 155) mentions the concept of eating breakfast, and writes that it is a mitzvah to take care of one’s body, and to ensure that one is strong for the service of Hashem (see also Mishnah Berurah 155:11, who cites this).

For deeper meaning of the matter, see the Maharal, in his Chiddushei Agados. See also Yaaros Devash (1:6), who explains that Chazal mean to teach that one should not search for pleasures, but make one’s custom to eat bread and water.

Therefore, although it is good practice to eat breakfast, there is no obligation to do so, and everything depends on personal circumstances. If you will feel better without eating, you should not eat.

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