If its past normal shkia, yet before Rabeinu Tam's shkia, can one still put on Rabeinu Tam's Tefillin, even though Tefillin isn't supposed to be put on at night in general, since one is anyways relying on the opinion of Rabeinu Tam for the sake of the Tefillin itself?

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    Rabbenu Tam was just ruling like Rav Hai Gaon for what we call "Rabbenu Tam Tefillin" so really you're relying on him, and "traditionally" Rav Hai Gaon holds of "normal" shkiya. (I'm ignoring that despite "common knowledge" most likely none of those people held any of those things.) In general these arguments never work unless the two positions are conceptually linked, which these are clearly not.
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    None of this addresses the fact that kosher tefillin can plausibly be donned during bein hashemashot so "sunset" isn't even the relevant cut-off time.
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Per Machon Aliya Rabbi Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg Zatzal would put on Tefilin Rabbeinu Tam between Shekiya and the Zeman of Rabbeinu Tam.

הגרח"פ שיינברג זצ"ל שנהג להניח תפילין במשך כל היום, היה מניח תפילין דרבינו תם מזמן השקיעה עד זמן רבינו תם

Per Olamot.Net Rabbi Yechezkel Sarna Zatzal would put on Tefilin of Rabbeinu Tam after Shekiya.

והגר"י סרנא, ראש ישיבת חברון, הניח בסוף ימיו תפילין של ר"ת דווקא אחר השקיעה


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