I'm looking for perokim of mishnayos that have the fewest words.

(I've been able to find, via this helpful forum!, which perokim have the fewest mishnayos, but I'm looking for the perokim with the fewest words.)

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    Why are you interested in this fact?
    – magicker72
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    My guess would be Shabbat 4
    – Joel K
    Commented Jun 30, 2021 at 19:45
  • This should work here as well.
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I used R' Dan Be'eri's Mishna which is based on ms kaufman, with some changes. I removed the mishna titles/numbering, his notes that appear in angle brackets, biblical sources in parenthesis, as well as the braisa at the end of פסחים פרק ה and אבות ה:כא which are later additions tacked on to the mishna (marked as such by R' Be'eri). I didn't remove the lines added in parenthesis and brackets, so while I strove to use a reliable version, this is not scientific and should not considered to be using a manuscript edition proper.
These are the shortest chapters by my finds:

שבת ד 107
שבת כא 115
כלים כא 115
כלים כג 116
ערכין א 123

This is the python code to do the count:

import re
f = open("mishna text utf.txt","r")
raw= f.read()
tracts= re.split(r'מסכת ',plain)[1:]
lens= []
txts= []
for tract in tracts:
  cur= tract.split()[0]
  for chap in re.split(r"^פרק [א-ת][א-ת]?\b",tract, flags=re.MULTILINE)[1:]:
    lens.append((cur+" "+str(count),len(chap.split() )))
txts= dict(zip([x[0] for x in lens], txts))
lens.sort(key=lambda x: x[1])

This is the text file, and here is the word doc prior being converted to .txt which maintains the color coding indicating what R Be'eri added to ms Kaufman.

Note: I got the parsing wrong and realized right after I posted this answer the first time. I think this version checks out. I included a dictionary to check the parsed texts if anyone would like to check the count of any chapter.

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