Rambam famously describes how idolatry began in the days of Enosh (Hil. Avodah Zara 1:1-2) and finishes off by writing:

"but the Rock of Ages not a man was there to recognize Him or know Him, save some individuals in the whole world, for example, Enoch, Methuselah, Noah, Shem, and Eber. And, on this path the world continued its course of circuity until the birth of the firmest pillar of the world, Abraham our father."

Presumably, though, the development of idolatry was halted with the flood (most of mankind being wiped out), and Noach presumably taught his sons to worship Hashem. Is it known when the development of idolatry re-started, i.e. in whose time/which generation it began once again?

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