Many Siddurim have the 13 principles of faith after Shacharit. Where do we find a source for its daily recitation?


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The most well known source is Rav Yaakov Emden in his Siddur Yaavetz who writes:

״הירא את דבר ה' אומר זה בכל יום, ויכוין היטב בכל עיקר, ויאמינו בלב שלם בלא פניה, ויזכה לאור באור החיים הנצחיים״

Rav Avraham Tzvi Friedman in his Otzar Halachos writes that the minhag of the Tzanzer Rav was to say the piyut of Ani Maamin 3 times a day, once after birkas hatorah, twice after shacharis with tallis and tefillin, and a third time before kriyas shema al hamitah.

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