On a recent YouTube video, a religious Jew blindfolded himself and stood on the streets of New York City offering people the opportunity to stand with him for peace through a hug. Even though he wanted to send a message of peace to humanity, according to Jewish law, was he allowed to do this?

Please provide a source.

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    Pretty sure a real Jew would charge for them :P – Double AA Jun 8 at 20:03
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    Could this question not be asked without names or links? If you think it may be halachically forbidden, it is Loshon Hora to discuss so publicly. – chortkov2 Jun 8 at 21:22
  • I'm sure he asked a Rav. However, I being who I am would think it's forbidden. I don't see any potential leniencies. – Moshe Jun 9 at 1:43
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    Why do you think it would be different for a male? – Alex Jun 9 at 11:51

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