With many shuls (at least in the UK) still requiring their congregants to wear masks, I have noticed that there have been many people who as part of their business now wear personalised masks, which to a certain extent have either now been integrated into their company's work outfit or merely act as another form of self promotion.

Would a person be allowed to wear such a mask, or any clothes for that matter, that promote one's business on Shabbos. In the case of the masks, on the one hand they are complying with the shul's requirement to adhere to the current nationwide advice, and it's 'just' a mask, but at the same time they are perhaps 'advertising' on Shabbos.

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    What's the problem with [passive] 'advertising' on Shabbos?
    – Tamir Evan
    May 28 at 8:04
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    I wonder if people are allowed to read such advertisements on shabbos, and if not it would be causing them to stumble.
    – robev
    May 28 at 8:15
  • How would this be different from promoting someone else's business? @robev I see Red-Sox-themed Kippot often enough
    – Double AA
    May 28 at 11:55
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    @DoubleAA And I see Judaica-store-themed tallis bags, and publishing-company-themed siddurim.
    – Alex
    May 28 at 12:22
  • Ever saw a Mishpacha, Ami, etc they're filled with Ads...
    – TwoOs
    May 30 at 6:57

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