Is there a name in Hebrew that means "God is my portion"? When I google translate I get אלוהים הוא החלק שלי which I have no idea how to say.


What you Googled would be the very long form of saying it as a sentence in modern Hebrew:

Elohim hu hachelek sheli

(The "ch" there is not "as in cheese", but rather some voiceless fricative that is difficult for many monolingual native English speakers to pronounce. Often they'd substitute either an "h" or a "k.")

Please oh please don't attempt to name anyone that.

Many Hebrew names use contractions, for example:

  • Taking out the "is" ["hu"]

  • For "my portion", long form is "ha-chelek sheli" [the portion that is mine] or cut it down to simply chelki (I think that's called declension?)

  • And for "God", you can use shorter forms such as "el" or "yah."

So as DoubleAA commented above, there is a Biblical character named Hilkiah. From "Helki", my portion, "yah", God.

Another suggestion in the comments above was Nachaliel; again following the same rules. The "el" is a short form for God. Nachalah means like an inheritance or estate; nachali makes it "mine", then tack on an "el." (It's used as a place name in Numbers 21:19.)

  • This is a very in depth answer that not only goes into great and accurate detail of the grammar of words and their meaning, but also highlights a more accurate pronunciation of Hebrew letters for the simple sake of accuracy. +1 from me
    – Aaron
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