Does anyone know of good places to shop for affordable tzniut clothing?

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    Whatis “affordable” and what is “tzniut”? – Alex May 4 at 22:45
  • Affordable would be under 100 dollars. Tzniut is the laws of modesty. – dassiwithani May 4 at 23:26
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    Tzniut has 2 factors ,Daas Moshe(objective)and Daas Yehudis(subjective based off local) ,wide spectrum – sam May 4 at 23:32
  • @dassiwithani I imagine that the "laws of modesty" in New Square differ significantly from Teaneck. If you are asking from a New Square respective, an answer from a Teaneck perspective would probably not be very useful. And vice versa. By providing as much detail as you can in the question, you will enable people to provide targeted answers that directly address what you need. – Alex May 5 at 2:27
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    Good q ,dk ,I guess hebrew writing is much easier דת and דעת – sam May 5 at 15:33

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