Shalom Uvracah. I was doing research into how The Beta Israel Community observed/respected the Shabbat before immigrating to Israel through Operations Moshe and Shlomo. I came across a text called the "Te'ezaza Sanbat" (Commandments of the Shabbat) which discusses their rituals and how they observe the day but initially couldnt find an English version. I came across this answer on the Judaism StackExchange website (huge help) which provided a link to one available online. Are there any articles, texts, or resources available discussing it? Also if you have any resources to share/available concerning how the Beta Israel Community observed the Shabbat before coming to Israel please do share. Todah Rabbah.

  • @Harel13 Much appreciation and respect. Todah Rabbah beloved.
    – יהודה
    May 5 at 4:29

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