When many write Hashem's name, they write it with the capital S. Why? And if one must capitalize a letter, why do we capitalize the S?

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  • @NoachMiFrankfurt I am sure that people don't simply, capitalize the S from opinion. There must be some reason
    – yogazefish
    Apr 21 at 21:00
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    – Double AA
    Apr 21 at 21:04
  • I personally haven't really seen that.
    – N.T.
    Apr 22 at 2:43
  • It's like writing "Beis HaMikdash" instead of "Beis Hamikdash". There's not much of a difference.
    – ezra
    Apr 22 at 3:28

The Hebew word being transliterated is made up of an introductory definite article (the Ha) and then the noun (shem, meaning "name"). Some people, when writing it, show the grammatical parts of the word and write the equivalent of "the Name" into the Hebrew with haShem or HaShem (The Name) to show divine majesty.

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    Comp. haShem where we are referring to something else (eg. chillul haShem) Apr 21 at 21:21

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