On a shemittah year in Israel there are a number of solutions to ensuring Jewish farmers continue to farm and make a living.

With Heter Mechira, the Jewish land is temporarily sold to a non-Jew, allowing the Jewish farmers to continue to farm their produce and sell it. Regarding Otzar Bet Din, the Bet Din employs Jewish farmers to farm produce but the produce itself, being hefker, is not included in the pricing of the produce thereby allowing the "sale" of produce, since the consumers are merely paying for the labour to farm the produce but not the produce itself.

I heard that, in Israel, an estimate of the ratio between produce for Heter Mechira versus Otzar Bet Din is about 95 and 5% respectively.

Given the very different approaches, which is preferable: Heter Mechira or Otzar Bet Din?

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    Obviously the advocates of each side prefer (surprise) their side. What do you want from us? To paskin for you? – Double AA Apr 19 at 18:24
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    An additional issue (besides what @DoubleAA mentioned)- what version of Otzar beis din and heter mechira? Owing to the numerous halachic issues involved, numerous individuals and groups arrange one or the other (besides the rabbanut's heter mechira). There are numerous variations both in the initial set-up as well as the scope of activities which are permitted. – Binyomin Apr 19 at 18:40

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