In Israel, when an important Orthodox event is held (convention, family celebration, etc), a head table is set at the front to accommodate the most honorable Rabbis. This is called "the Mizrah".

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What is the source of calling the head table "Mizrah"?

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    I've never heard of this naming convention before. – Double AA Apr 14 at 17:49
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    I would assume it derives from the ‘mizrach vant’ the eastern (front) wall of an Ashkenazi synagogue, along which dignitaries would sit – Joel K Apr 14 at 18:09
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    Calling it Mizrach is connected to the layout of the Beit HaMikdash. Menorah and Shulchan for the Lechem HaPanim to the south and north and the Shechinah to the west. That's also the preferred way to set up the Shabbat table at home. – Yaacov Deane Apr 14 at 21:19

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