Although there are numerous customs, some have the custom that all present at the Seder - including women - recite Kiddush together.

On a year such as this, where pesach falls on Motzei Shabbos, what is the halacha regarding women? In general, the Rema (OC 296) rules that women do not make havdallah themselves, at least if there is a possibility to be yotzei from a man. What is the custom regarding women making birchas havdallah in Kiddush on leil haseder?

Is there any reason why one who during the rest of the year is stringent that women should not recite their own havdallah would allow women to recite it on leil haseder?

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R. Moshe Stern in Be'er Moshe V:136 writes that that a woman should not deviate from her regular custom when seder night falls on motza'ei shabbat, but instead should say havdalah as part of kiddush.

R. Menashe Klein in Mishneh Halachot VIII:36 writes that maybe it would be better for a woman reciting kiddush to listen to the havdalah-blessing and answer amen, rather than reciting it herself. However, it is also absolutely fine if she recites the whole kiddush including havdalah herself.

For an exhaustive treatment of this question, see R. Zvika Ryzman's Ratz KaTzvi, Pesach - Shavuot 10.

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In Shmiras Shabbas Khilchasa 62: footnote 27 it discusses the issues of maybe havdala being a possible hefsek for a woman. First he mentions that the woman should hear kiddush and havdalah from a man and that would not be considered a hefesk. However ,he mentions that since women took on havdala as an obligation it is not a hefsek and they can do yaknahaz,and so he heard this from Rav Shlomo Zalman Aurbach. He does add though that she should not make birkas ha'aish.


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