I read (in the biography of Rabbi Mordechai Pegrimansky; The English translation is titled: The man who never slept) that a supplemental publication called Sefer Daas Mordechai was underway at the time of publication (2013) to include original thoughts that Rabbi Pegrimansky discussed during his short life.

Is this publication now available, and if so where?

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    ברוך הגבר אשר יבטח בה' והיה ה' מבטחו
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There is a bi-annual periodical called Kol Hatorah, and each edition has a collection of writings from a deceased gadol. I believe one of their editions was dedicated to R' Mordechai Pegrimansky, with a collection of his writings and thoughts. [I will bl"n check this]

Here are links to some of his Torah:

Asufos, Golyon 6 (Shvat 5770), originally available as pdf here.

There is a mamaar written by him printed in Pri Etz Chaim, Cheshvan 5699.

Other Torah thoughts of his are quoted here (comment 38) and here.

R' Moshe Shternbuch collected some stories and memories in his weekly pamphlet.

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    All of these are prior to 2013.
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  • If I am correct about the Kol Hatorah, it is post-2013.
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  • @magicker72 Also, not necessarily entitled Daas Mordechai, but great resources--Chortkov2!
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  • Whoops... I didnt notice the title. maybe include that in the body of the question?
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Thanks to agudah.org:

Although Reb Mordechai left over very few written Torah thoughts, a few gems of his great mind remain, and are brought down in sefer Siach Yoseph, by Rabbi Yosef Roth of Bnei Brak, in the chapter entitled Gedulas Mordechai.

So the book you are looking for is the one written by Rabbi Yosef Roth of Bnei Brak, chapter Gedulas Mordechai

I cannot resist sharing one of his thoughts:

An unkempt man was touring the Louvre with a group of tourists.
As they were scanning Rembrandt's works the man yelled, "Yogurt!" Everyone thought he was nuts. But he said it again, "It looks like yogurt to me."
Then they passed by the Mona Lisa. Again he exclaimed, "Yogurt!"
A wise man on the tour looked at the fellow. "Let me see your glasses." He gave him his glasses.
"What did you have for breakfast today?" he asked. "Some cereal and yogurt," he answered.
The wise man cackled. “Look at your glasses! They are dotted with yogurt! No wonder everything you look at appears as yogurt!”

Parable of Rav Mordechai Pogramanski

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    ''Also, not necessarily entitled Daas Mordechai, but great resources''
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  • The bounty was auto-selected, but this answer is very unacceptable. Anyone in the know is familiar with that work; it is not at all what I am seeking. I thank you for the efforts, but this is not a true answer.
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