It is a mitzvah to have priests and Levites included in the Great Sanhedrin... And if none can be found, it is permissible to have a court of exclusively Israelite judges. Rambam's Hil. Sanhedrin 2.2

If the judges are arranged on the seats according to their wisdom, how much wisdom is being a Kohen worth?

In other words, how much wisdom on a non-Kohen can be sacrificed in order to promote a Kohen into a Sanhedrin to fulfill this Mitzvah?

  • I think when the Rambam said "if none can be found" he meant "if none worthy can be found". And of course, ממזר ת"ח קודם לכה"ג עם הארץ. – Harel13 Mar 11 at 21:19

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