Is there an issur to melt hot chocolate bombs on Shabbos? Is it nolad?

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    Rabbi Lebowitz discusses this yutorah.org/lectures/lecture.cfm/985454/rabbi-aryeh-lebowitz/…
    – sam
    Mar 5 '21 at 1:25
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    In short he seems to think it's a problem of molid,and he quotes Rabbi Sobolofsky as saying it is mutar and he must have good reasons,but it didn't sound like he was convinced
    – sam
    Mar 5 '21 at 1:31
  • How does one melt such a bomb?
    – mbloch
    Mar 5 '21 at 4:21
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    I strongly recommend editing in more information about what these are made of and how they're melted, so that people don't need to go read another article to understand the question. (By the way, according to the linked article, you're supposed to pour hot milk to melt them. Where are you going to get hot milk on Shabbat?)
    – Isaac Moses
    Mar 5 '21 at 14:33

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