The genie (from Aladdin) lives in a lamp. Assuming the lamp has living quarters, does one need a Chazakah of living there for 3 years to own the lamp (or require a document of sale), or is it Metaltilin, and by merely possessing it, others have the burden of proof to counter it (Hamotzei M'Chavero Alav HaRayah)?

This question is Purim Torah and is not intended to be taken completely seriously. See the Purim Torah policy.

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    Presumably it would be metaltelin, same as a ship (which, for example, is acquired with mesirah, not like land with kesef or shtar, etc.).
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It is part of the binding of a genie that they must serve the owner of the lamp (or a comparable object such as a djinn's ring). Since this ownership can be established by claiming possession of a long-abandoned object, Genie's lamp counts as metaltilin and falls under the chazakah of movable property.

The interior of the lamp (or other object) constitutes a residence, just like condominium ownership gives title to the interior of the unit but not the exterior structure or land. The interior falls under the chazakah of real estate.

However, please CYLOR and estate lawyer before starting any effort to establish ownership by adverse possession of such an iiiiiiity-bitty living space claimed by a being of incredible cosmic power. (That Genie can't kill you, but you'd be astonished what you can live through. Proper general and medical powers of attorney are strongly indicated.)

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