If I leave an electric cattle prod on from before Shabbos, may I use it to coax Jews (gently) to come to minyan?

This question is Purim Torah and is not intended to be taken completely seriously. See the Purim Torah policy.

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Lichorah the chakirah is as follows:

Let's say it is permissible to use an electronic device on Shabbat where the device is always on, and you only modulate the amount of current flowing by using it, and there is no hashma'as kol (so for example, the United Synagogue Bet Din allows the chazan to sing into a microphone that feeds into an induction loop that goes round the synagogue for people with hearing aids).

Then the question is:

When I prod the mitpallel with my cattle-prod, am I creating a new circuit because electricity goes from prod to ground through congregant (forbidden - because we now have a new circuit and therefore I have done a melacha of boneh) or am I simply modulating the amount of current going through the prod (permissible - as above).

The answer appears to depend on the spiritual level of the congregant.

If the congregant is on a high spiritual level and far away from artziyut then we cannot consider him as a ground and it is permissible. However if the congregant is close to artziut then he is a good ground and it is forbidden.

From which we see that be'derech she'adam rotzeh le'lech molichin oto.

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