The Rema in Even HaEzer (21:5) writes

יש אומרים דאין לנהוג אפילו עם אשתו בדברים של חיבה, כגון לעיין ברישיה אם יש לו כינים, בפני אחרים - Some say that one should not do affectionate things with his wife, such as to inspect her head for lice, in front of others.)

This would seem to indicate any relatively intimate act of endearment (hugging/kissing is more intimate than checking for lice) between husband and wife should not be done before other people. Does this include their own immediate family of sons and daughters or are there Poskim who allow spouses to hug/kiss in front of family?

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  • Are you specifically asking according to the position that there is a formal prohibition in public and if this constitutes "public"? According to the position that it's all just about proper manners then the question doesn't seem to start – Double AA Feb 9 at 3:01
  • @DoubleAA Yes, my question is if one's immediate family members are considered part of "בפני אחרים". (Not sure if the issue is "public" as much as one other person seeing the spouses hugging) – NJM Feb 9 at 14:17
  • (I don't understand your response.) – Double AA Feb 9 at 14:19

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