I've read different sources which give different answers for how many names Hashem has.

  • I have read sources which define the 7 holy names which cannot be erased once written.
  • I have read sources which cite 10 divine names.
  • I have read Kabbalistic sources which cite 72 names.

Is there an agreed upon "standard" with regards to Hashem's names or is it one of those topics which lends itself to subjectivity? Meaning we can all find a reference which we consider a "name" in the sense the narrative uses language which describes Hashem's characteristics and such.

  • I recall reading something years ago that posited that every combination of Hebrew letters is a name of Hashem. – rosends Jan 24 at 15:58
  • According to kabbalistic sources, the entire Torah is made up of names of Hashem. – N.T. Jan 26 at 13:34

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