I start with the assumption that since no miracle is mentioned regarding the Egyptians, they reproduced naturally, having on average 4-5 kids.

  1. If we assume that Mitzrayim, the son of Ham, was the founder of Biblical Egypt, there were only 8 generations from him to Abraham and 11 to Josef at the time of going down to Egypt. So how well-populated could Egypt be at that time?

  2. Mitzrayim's sons are mentioned in Genesis as separate peoples (incl. Philistines). Who were the Egyptians of Egypt that the Torah speaks of?

Please provide sources.

Noah's descendents

  • This question would be more interesting if you shared your motivation for knowing, besides increasing your historical knowledge. – robev Jan 16 at 19:08
  • 1
    5^11 = 49,000,000 – Joel K Jan 16 at 19:16
  • I would think it strange for someone to found an entire country just for himself, a wife, and five kids. If you consider the person Mitzraim as the founder of Egypt, I would think it more likely to mean that he united all the people of the land into one country. – Alex Jan 16 at 23:28

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