I’ve some trouble with translating and understanding Isaiah 52:14.

The words me’ish (מאיש) and mi’bnei adam (מבני אדם) to me seem to translate: from/out of man (like in Genesis 2:23 or Psalm 18:49) and from/out of sons of men (Psalm 12:2, 21:11, 45:3).

But the phrase כן-משחת מאיש מרהו and the phrase ותארו מבני אדם are often taken to mean ‘in comparison to’ instead of ‘out of’, although they probably mean the same thing in this case.

If the translation would be: “Marred is its/his appearance from that of a man, and its/his features from that of people!"

What then does this mean with regards to Israel? Is it referring to Israel being damaged, ruined in some way?

  • Rashi says "See how their features are darker than those of other people, so, as we see with our eyes." – rosends Oct 18 '20 at 0:37

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