In the texts that I have seen, Rashi commenting on the Gemoro in Nozir 45a says in part:

והכי משמע אימתי ובא לפני ה' דהיינו במחנה לוייה בזמן שהוא ראוי לבא אל אהל מועד דהביא כפרתו הא אם לא הביא כפרתו לא וא"ת והא מצורעין נכנסין בשערי ניקנור ששם מזין על הבהמות הא לא קשיא דביאה במקצת לאו שמה ביאה:

And here it means when can he come “before Hashem” that is in the Levite camp, when he is fit to go into the Tent of Meeting because he has brought his atonement offering. If he has not brought his atonement offering, he cannot enter. And if you will say, but don't metzoroim enter through Nikanor Gate which is where they sprinkle on the animals, that's not a question because partial entry is not considered full entry.

I do not know what is meant by “ מזין על הבהמות" “they sprinkle on the animals”. It seems to me that it should say “ מזין על הבהונות" (sprinkle on the thumb and big toe) and הבהמות is a misprint.

Am I right or can the existing text be explained?


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The Moznaim edition found at HebrewBooks.org does indeed have the text:

מזין על הבהונות

It would seem that the version you were looking at contains a misprint.

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    More likely than a misprint, it printed out of a manuscript that had the vav touching the nun by accident which looked like a mem. Or maybe the nun touched the following vav and the printer "corrected" בהומת to בהמות.
    – Double AA
    Oct 15, 2020 at 14:31

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