According to the rabbinical tradition, there are 8 threads in each side of the Tzitzit.

How many threads in the 'Tzitzit' of Karaites?


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Karaite tzitzit

From this image on the website of the World Karaite Organization, it seems that each side has two cords: one white and one blue.

Based on this video, it looks like each cord is made up of four strings, much like the rabbinical tzitzit.

For more info on the subject and process:





as far as I know there is no "required" number of threads. Most of the ones in my possession have 4 blue and 4 white threads. (Maybe all of them.)

In case anyone is interested, I have a learning on techellet (thought it does not touch on the number of threads). https://youtu.be/sI-sBMn7wSk?t=1387

  • But it's written in Tora to have 'Petil' (singular) tcheleth. Isn't it? (honestly, I expected Karaite interpretation to be more attached to what written). Thank you for your answers and for the video (check also 27:00 min.). Commented Mar 17, 2021 at 10:34
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