Where can I get a tanach without nikudos and trop in book form? It should be the whole tanach and not just the haftoras. It can be side by side with nikudos and trop like a tikun or just straight text.


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I am guessing that you are interested in learning to sing other parts of the Tanach that are not usually read and therefore not found in a typical Tikkun. I would recommend carefully cutting post-it notes into strips, and covering above and below the letters. You could just read it that way, or you could make a photocopy if the post-its get too messy to leave on. I would also recommend consulting with your Rav, as to how to optimally focus you learning. Hatzlacha! - Papa

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    That is very time consuming and it will cost a lot for al those post its
    – Efraym
    Sep 18, 2020 at 15:22

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