Which Nusach Ashkenaz communities/shuls say in Mussaf Yom Kippur the Seder HaAvoda that starts with "Ata Konantah"?

The standard Seder haAvodah in Nusach Ashekenaz is the piyut Amitz Koach. In Nusach Sefaradim/Edot haMizrach, and in Nusach Sfard it is the piyut Ata Konantah. However, both the Artscroll Machzor and Daniel Goldschmidt's Machzor note that a minority of Nusach Ashkenaz communities switched to Ata Konantah (DG notes that this was a very late development). Which communities did or do follows such custom?

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The משכן שילה synagogue in the רמת שילה neighborhood of בית שמש, Israel. (Source: The גבאי told me.)

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