Does anybody know where I could find a good, clear, example of nusach Kretchnif or Nadvorna? I've looked through Kol Torah Online but all the examples they have are older tapes with pretty rough audio quality.

By "nusach" I mean the tniois/tune of the davenen.

Thanks in advance.

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    For the uninitiated (including myself), could you please clarify what nusach Kretchnif or Nadvorna are? Thanks for your question, and welcome! – robev Aug 31 '20 at 18:19
  • Try here: they have many recordings web.nli.org.il – Kazi bácsi Aug 31 '20 at 20:20
  • @robev: He doesn't mean the words, but the traditional tunes. Each locality would have its own variations or particular melodies for different parts of davening. So there really would be a nusach for every community in Europe or the Sefardi areas. – N.T. Aug 31 '20 at 21:22

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