As we learned here, if one makes a shekahol, it covers the mezonot food. What if the case was flipped around, i.e, one made a mezonot on a food that was shehakol?

  1. What if he realized mid-eating; should he correct it?

  2. What if realized once he finished; what is the proper procedure?


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Halachipedia says

Bracha Rishona: After the fact if one recited mezonot on anything besides water or salt, one fulfilled one's obligation.

He quotes the following authorities:

Chaye Adam (v. 1, 58:3), Halacha Brurah 206:7, Igrot Moshe OC 4:40. Ritva Brachot 2:16 writes that after the fact Mezonot is effective even for bread.

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