Not all words in the Torah are in Hebrew. A famous example is Lavan calling the Gal-Ed "Yigar Sahadutah" which is the Aramaic version of Gal-Ed. Another example is what the gemara says about the word "Totafot" (setting aside the possibility that this is a pre-Bavel term1):

Rabbi Akiva says: There is no need for this proof, as the requirement of four compartments can be derived from the word totafot itself: The word tat in the language of the Katfei means two, and the word pat in the language of Afriki also means two, and therefore totafot can be understood as a compound word meaning: Four.

I was wondering if there was a list of all non-Hebrew words in the Torah (along with, possibly, their meanings)?

1R' Ahron Marcus in Barzilai, while holding that many non-Hebraic words were derived from the early proto-Hebrew, still held that tat and pat weren't in Hebrew, as well as other words, such as Sha'atnez.

  • The premise behind this question is debatable. Some use the first two examples as a proof that Aramaic has the halachic status of a Hebrew.dialect. The Ramban says that the proof from "Totafot" is proof that the words have such meaning in Hebrew and other languages.
    – Schmerel
    Aug 17, 2020 at 15:34


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