I went through a list of Master Profiles of my ancestors on Geni.com and I saw many profiles which said "tosafist" in their title or description, as well as many which said "Gaon of Sura" or "Gaon of Pumpeditha", etc., but none of them were in the existing Geni.com projects for "Tosafists" or "Geonim". Is there a sefer which quotes a list of tosafists or geonim, or some resources which has a big list of them so that I can go through it and add them to the Geni.com projects?

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    There is a sefer by אפרים א. אורבך called בעלי התוספות which is one of the most comprehensive works on the Tosafists. Commented Aug 14, 2020 at 2:31

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So as far as the Gaonim the sefer סדר הדורות הקצר pp.123-133 provides an extensive list of all the Gaonim of the period differentiating between those who hailed from Pumbedisa and those from Sura. From p.133 - 135 it list the important seforim that were written during this period.

It lists the following (Everyone please feel free to edit if I haven't Anglicised them correctly):

Gaonei Pumbedisa

  1. Rav Chanan M'ashikya
  2. Rav Mari son of Rav Dimi
  3. Rav Chanina from Bei Gihera
  4. Rav Chana
  5. Rav Ra'ava
  6. Rav Bustenai
  7. Rav Huna Mari son of Yosef
  8. Rav Chiya M'misha
  9. Rav Ravya Moronai
  10. Rav Natronai son of Rav Nechemya
  11. Rav Yehuda
  12. Rav Yosef Kusnai
  13. Rav Shmuel son of Rav Mar
  14. Rav Natronai Kahana son of Rav Amona
  15. Rav Achai M'Shabcha
  16. Rav Avraham Kahana
  17. Rav Dudai son of Mar Nachman
  18. Rav Chananya son of Rav M'sharshya
  19. Rav Milca son of Rav Acha
  20. Rav Rava son of Rav Dudai
  21. Rav Shinui Gaon
  22. Rav Chaninai Kahana son of Rav Avraham
  23. Rav Huna HaLevi son of Rav Yitzchak Gaon
  24. Rav Menashe son of Rav Yosef
  25. Rav Yeshaya HaLevi son of Mar Aba
  26. Rav Yosef son of Rav Sheila M'Shilhi
  27. Rav Kahana son of Rav Chaninai
  28. Rav Ivumai son of Rav Avraham
  29. Rav Yosef son of Rav Aba
  30. Rav Avraham son of Rav Sherira
  31. Rav Yosef son of Rav Chiya
  32. Rav Yitzchak son Rav Chananya (Hunai)
  33. Rav Yosef son of Rav Ravi
  34. Rav Paltoi son of Rav Abaye
  35. Rav Acha (Achai) Kahana son of Mar Rav
  36. Rav Menachem son of Rav Yosef son of Chiya
  37. Rav Matisyahu son of Mar Rabi
  38. Rav Rabbah son Rav Ami
  39. Rav Tzemach son of Rav Paltoi
  40. Rav Hai son of Dovid
  41. Rav Kimoi son of Rav Acha
  42. Rav Yehuda son of Rav Shmuel
  43. Rav Kohen Tzedek son of Rav Yosef
  44. Rav Mivsar Kahan son of Rav Kimoi
  45. Rebbi Kalonimus son of Moshe
  46. Rebbi Shabsai son of Avraham Donollo
  47. Rav Tzemach son of Rav Kafnai
  48. Rav Chanina son of Rav Yehuda
  49. Rav Aharon son of Rav Yosef Gaon
  50. Rav Sherirah Gaon son of Chananya
  51. Rav Hai Gaon (From the scholars of Bavel)
  52. Rav Meshulam HaGadol the son of Kalonimus
  53. Rabbi yaakov son of Nissim
  54. Rav Chadai son of Yitzchak - Ibn Shprut
  55. Rebbi Menachem son of Yaakov - Ben Seruk
  56. Rebbi Shmarya son of Elchonon
  57. Rebbi Chushiel son of Elchonon

Gaonei Sura

  1. Rav Mar son of Rav Huna
  2. Rav Chanina
  3. Rav Huna
  4. Rav Sheshna
  5. Rav Chanina Minahar Pekod
  6. Rav Hilai HaLevi Megareish
  7. Rav Yaakov HaKohen Minahar Pekod
  8. Rav Mar the son of Shmuel
  9. Rav Mari Kohen Minahar Pekod
  10. Rav Acha Rabbah
  11. Rav Yehudai son of Rav Nachman Gaon
  12. Rav Achonai Kahan son of Rav Pappa
  13. Rav Chaninai Kahana son of Rav Huna
  14. Rav Mar HaLevi son of Rav Mesharshya
  15. Rav Bivui HaLevi son of Mar Rava Minahar Pekod
  16. Rav Hilai son of Rav mari
  17. Rav Yaakov HaKohen son of Rav Mordechai
  18. Rav Tzadok son of Mar Ashi
  19. Rav Hilai son of Rav Chanina
  20. Rav Kimoi son of Rav Ashi
  21. Rav Moshe Kahana son of Rav Yaakov
  22. Rav Kohen Tzedek son of Rav Aivomai
  23. Rav Shimon Kiyera
  24. Rav Sar Shalom son of Rav Boaz
  25. Rav Natronai son of Rav Hilai
  26. Rav Amram Gaon son of Rav Sheshna
  27. Rav Nachshon son of Rav Tzadok
  28. Rav Tzemach son of Rav Chayim
  29. Rav Milca
  30. Rav Hai son of Rav Nachshon
  31. Rav Hilai son of Rav Natronai
  32. Rav Shalom son of Rav Mishael
  33. Rav Yaakov son of Rav Natronai
  34. Rav Yom Tov Kahana son of Rav Yaakov
  35. Rav Sa'adiya Gaon
  36. Rav Yosef son of Yaakov
  37. Rebbi Aharon son of Moshe son Ben Meir

Please find below photos of the relevant pages which provides more information about each one of the Gaonim:

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

  • So just checking, this is the whole list? What about the yeshivos of Tyre and Ramla?
    – Sam
    Commented Aug 14, 2020 at 13:57
  • This is the list as cited in the sefer seder hadoros hakotzair - it only lists those from Sura and Pumbedisa from what I can see. I hope that helps!
    – Dov
    Commented Aug 14, 2020 at 14:02
  • Do you know if there is a Seder hadoros ha'aruch?
    – Sam
    Commented Aug 14, 2020 at 14:04
  • Sure, the Seder Hadoros was written by Rav Yechiel Halperin in the seventeenth century and writes from Adam HaRishon until his time - seforimcenter.com/…. Personally I prefer the seder hadoros hakotzair by Rav Shlomo Benizri as it is more modern and therefore continues the history up until the gedolim of our time.
    – Dov
    Commented Aug 14, 2020 at 15:17

THe Rishonim by Hersh Goldwurm is a good source for many of the Tosafists.


So as far as the Baalei Tosafos, I since noticed a small paragraph also in the Seder Hadoros HaKotzair p.165 where it lists some 15 names (which I have itemised) as well as some accompanying background information.

enter image description here

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