In Mishna Pesahim (2:7)

MISHNA: A woman may not soak coarse bran to bring by hand to the bathhouse for use as a cleanser; however, she may rub coarse bran on her dry skin.

Where can we find documentation for this women habit in material culture? Is it documented somewhere except for Mishna or Jewish literature to which I can refer?


A search for “bran as cleanser” turned up:

Lemon juice with yogurt and wheat bran

From the article:

To make a natural skin exfoliant at home, you will typically need: A scrub ingredient. A smooth base. Nourishing/moisturizing/hydrating ingredients.

The “scrub ingredient” is presumably the bran.


Komenuka Bijin Facial Cleansing Powder From Natural Rice Bran

Product description The outer hull of the rice kernel is nutrient-dense, packed with over 100 powerful antioxidants like skin-renewing Vitamin E, Oryzanol, and Lipoic Acid. Plus, rice bran is a natural exfoliant - gentler than fruit extracts which can tear the skin.

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