When doing a pasuk for shnayim mikrah, one may say Hashem's name if he completes the pasuk. However, when reading Onkeles, is one allowed to say Hashem's name? Meaning, does saying a full pasuk in Onkeles get the same treatment as saying a full pasuk when reading the Torah?

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    What does "full pasuk" have to do with saying God's name? – Double AA Aug 3 at 20:42
  • are you making an assumption that, one may say Hashem's name ONLY if he completes the pasuk. maybe prove that. then your question will be so solid. – yishairasowsky Aug 4 at 10:21
  • Beginning of Gemara Brachos the Chacham Tzvi (Father of r emden) has tshuvah that it's mutar to do so regardless of Kavana. Although there are those that are machmir. One has to know himself. – FalseMessiah Aug 4 at 23:42

yes. In fact, you can also say Hashem's name during zmiros if you have kavanah.

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    This answer could be improved by providing some evidence. As it stands now it is merely the assertion of an anonymous internet user whom none of us know. – Alex Aug 3 at 23:31

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