I want to read about Judaism, and one of the best sources is to read Torah. But as I searched, I realized it's not a single book. Rather it's a collection of 24 books and is categorized in pentateuch, histories, wisdom, and prophets.

I searched to download all of these books in one PDF file. But I couldn't find a link.

Do we have them all in one file?

Update: I need English translation, and I thought Torah is 24 books. So I need Tanakh.

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    Are you looking for a Hebrew text, an English text, a mix, or some other language? – magicker72 Jul 16 at 5:26
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    Torah = 5 books of Moses, Tanakh = 24 books including Torah. Exactly which one are you looking for? – Kazi bácsi Jul 16 at 6:47
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    You list "pentateuch, histories, wisdom, and prophets". Our traditional division has three parts - the pentateuch; the "prophets" which includes the earlier "histories"; and the "Writings" which is the wisdom books. Chronicles (Divrei Hayamim) is included in the Wisdom writings. – simyou Jul 16 at 7:05
  • Suggest you go to mechon-mamre.org, figure out which set of html files you want, and then find someone code-friendly who can stitch them all together for you. Or if you just want the first five books, Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan's translation is superb -- you'd have to stitch all the chapters together, but again, that's a light lift for someone who can code: bible.ort.org/books/pentd2.asp – Shalom Jul 16 at 9:11
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    The alternative could be to go on sefaria select the 'Tanakh' option and there is a download option. You can download it as text and then when open in your microsoft word (or the like) 'save as' / 'print' as a pdf. – Dov Jul 16 at 9:35

Although I can't vouch for the Jewish Publication Society translation of the entire Tanach, they have the full English translate available as a downloadable PDF here. I would strongly encourage you to consider taking a few minutes to utilize one of the options in the comments to your question as Sefaria and Rav Aryeh Kaplan are phenomenal resources.

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I came across this here if it works for you.

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  • He's looking for the whole Tanach, not just Chumash, but this looks very cool anyway. Thanks for sharing. – Eliyahu Jul 17 at 3:56

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