According to Mishnah Berura 233:11, it sounds like if the only available minyan was "tartei desasrei," i.e. mincha after plag and maariv immediately after, it would still be preferable than davening alone.

However, in Mishnah Berura 267:3 and Biur Halacha "uviflag," it seems to follow that davening "tartei desasrei" is never a valid option.

Does anyone know what would be considered better?


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In 233 he is talking about those communities which always pray mincha and ma’ariv together after plag, because they cannot gather a minyan otherwise.

In 267 he’s talking about a community which normally prays ma’ariv late. In such a case, he says that they should do that on Friday evening as well.

Thus, there is no contradiction. In the absence of any other option, one prays with a minyan, even if it means praying mincha and ma’ariv together after plag. However, wherever possible, it is preferable that a minyan not do that, even on Friday evening.

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