While reading the wiki bio of R' Shimshon of Sens, a few statement there caught my eye.

The Rash sided with the opponents of the Rambam in their disputes.

condemned Rambams' rationalistic views on bodily resurrection and Talmudic haggadah

reproached Rambam for not having indicated the Talmudic sources in his Mishna Torah

he did express his great admiration for the Rambam saying, "I have heard that the gates of wisdom have been revealed to him"

The source for all these is given as the Artscroll book 'The Rishonim', page 136-137. True, it is all there. But I want to know Artscroll's source. Where are these words of R' Shimshon found?

Part 2. While looking in the Artscroll section mentioned I saw another curious statement which I would like to source.

Rambam's son, R' Avraham , heard that R' Shimshon disagreed with his father (presumably on matters basic to Judaism, e.g., G-d's incorporeality) but refused to credit the report.

Where is this statement of Avraham ben HaRambam to be found?

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    Looks like it is indeed כתאב אלרסאייל - אגרות הרמ"ה. In the Hilman edition (printed in ספר זכרון בית אהרן), the letters of the Rash begin on p. 82 with the comments on techiyas ha-meisim. – wfb Jul 8 at 2:11
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The reference to R. Abraham is presumably to what he writes in Milchamot Hashem (p. 43-44 in the MHK edition).

ושמעתי על הרב רבנו שמשון ז"ל שהיה בעכו שלא ראינו אותו מפני שלא עבר עלינו שמענו עליו אחר פטירתו ועל אחד מתלמידיו שחלק על דברי אבא מרי ז"ל במקצת דבריו שלא נסתיימו הדברים אצלנו כי לא חקרנו עליהם ואמרנו בלבנו אם הדבר אמת יאכלו פרי מעלליהם ונחנו מה ואם אינו אמת שהוציא הקול עליהם מוציא שם רע הוא

It sounds like he didn't entirely reject the report, but he was at least somewhat doubtful of its accuracy.

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