May one say the word "G-d" or "Hashem" before washing his hands in the morning? For example, to say daily affirmations before getting out of bed.

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Mishnah Berurah 1:8 writes that one may recite the "Modeh Ani" prayer before washing one's hands in the morning because it does not contain any of G-d's Names, nor any kinui (idiomatic reference to G-d). The implication is that saying one of G-d's names or a kinui would not be permitted before washing hands in the morning.

Now, it seems that the English word "G-d" does indeed have the status of a kinui (see e.g. R. Akiva Eger to Yoreh Deah 276:9) and therefore should not be said before washing hands.

I would assume that the word "Hashem", which seems to have originally been formulated as a way of referring to G-d's Name without using it (see e.g. Yoma 3:8) does not even have the status of a kinui, and could therefore be said before washing hands.

However, one could argue that nowadays the word "Hashem" has actually achieved the status of a kinui (in part thanks to its popularization in ArtScroll's prayer books). This is even more likely if your intent in saying this word is in fact to address G-d. If that is the case then it may indeed also be prohibited to say "Hashem" before washing hands.

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