I'm studying the parashat Behaaloscha, the part where Aharon kindle de Menorah. I read that the meaning of Menorah has to do with 'Tora Study. I'm from Brazil where we speak Portuguese and the words Men(or)ah and T(or)ah seems to have the same root. Do they have the same hebrew root?

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    Klein has menorah from [Formed from נור (= to shine), with pref. מְ◌ and first suff. ◌ָה. cp. Aram. מְנַרְתָּא (= candlestick), Arab. manāra (= candlestick; lighthouse; tower of a mosque).] Torah is [Verbal n. of הוֹרָה (= he pointed out, instructed, taught), Hiph. of ירה.] – rosends Jun 3 '20 at 17:59

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