There is a Christian sect called Unitarianism. Unitarians believe in one G-d, rejecting the Trinity. They stress the oneness and unity of G-d. Famous Unitarian Chrsitsian are, for example, Sir Isaac Newton.

This Christian sect emerged in Poland, Hungary, and England during the Reformation (16th-17th century). These Christians follow the teachings of the Spanish theologian Michael Servetus, who criticized the Trinity in his book De Trinitatis Erroribus (On the Erroneous Understanding of the Trinity 1531). In short, they believe Jesus was a Jew who was inspired in his moral teachings by G-d and is a savior but not G-d incarnated. In this way, they are similar to the Arian faith, which was an early Christian sect that said Jesus was only a human. They also reject the Christian concept of original sin as well as predestination.

My question, is Unitarianism considered avodah zarah?

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