I am looking for a Shiur that is straightforward Gamara Rashi ONLY on gamara megilla. I have tried YU Torah, Shas illuminated and kolhalashon. I have not yet found anything that is English and only rashi. I am working on my rashi skill and don’t want other commentaries.

  • Are you looking for a shiur that explains the Gemara according to Rashi, or are you looking for a shiur that actually reads through every Rashi? – Alex May 10 at 23:47
  • Ideally reads both but if you have one that explains like rashi I would start there – Torahtime May 10 at 23:57
  • The Mercava app may help , I believe it has some mashectos with translation of Rashi, line by line ,but not sure,check it out – sam May 11 at 3:01

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