My friend works a 9-5 job (lawyer in New York, New York). He's been through Yeshiva (Mesivta & Beis Medresh) and started off married in Kollel. He now works and has had a hard time learning the Daf due to lack of time. He's tried many shuirim and has tried b'chavrusah. So, does anyone know of a Pashut Gemara Rashi Daf Yomi shuir in 30 minutes or less?

  • R' Eli Stefansky has an 8 minute daf yomi shiur which can be watched live or recorded. They also have a Whatsapp group. 8minutedaf.com – DenverCoder1 May 10 at 13:11
  • @eyl327 thats for chazarah only – FalseMessiah May 13 at 6:15

I've had the same problem. Someone sent me this shuir and it was clear and under 30 minutes. Have your friend try this out. Hatzlacha Rabbah!


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  • Thanks. I'll check that out. – TwoOs May 5 at 22:59
  • Checked it out. Awesome. Thank you. @Falsemessiah – TwoOs May 6 at 22:37

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