In Jewish history, amongst the rishonim and achronim (and achrei achronim), who were known to be Talmidei Chachumim (either due to their seforim or just facts) and Businessmen (employee counts)?

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Not an exhaustive list by far, but here's a few:


Rambam- doctor

Ramban- doctor

Ramchal- Wikipedia claims that he was a diamond cutter. I remember reading that he made lenses and was involved in glass cutting and shaping.

Chayei Adam- merchant (he writes about it in his hakdama to chochmas adam)

Pischei Choshen (Rav Y.Y. Blau- dayan for the eide chareidis)- banker (During the hespedim given when he passed away, one of the speakers mentioned that he refused to work in rabbonus and supported himself as a banker. That's where he gained his expertise in Choshen mishpat and business matters. Eventually the Minchas Yitzchok convinced him to serve as a dayan on the Eida. I'm going to try to see if there's a source for it.)

(I believe the Levush worked in textiles, and there's a very interesting story about him fighting off a woman trying to seduce him that involved his clothing, and that's why he named his work the Levush. But I don't remember the story or where it can be found.)


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