Shalom brothers and sisters (I believe that all humans are siblings). I'm an agnostic non-Jew who will be visiting the Kotel. I want to use a kippah there if it is only to show respect for people. But I found that Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson says that non-Jews should wear kippot (for example in synagogues) "as a sign of humility in the presence of" G-d ("Jewish answers to real-life questions", p. 24). I know that non-Jews have used kippot at the Kotel (for example, American presidents). But most of them (at least) were theists. So my question is whether or not the use of a kippah will imply in any way that I am a theist (I don't want to "lie" in this regard). Thanks a lot!

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  • You question is whether one thing "will imply" another. Please clarify with an edit to the question what sort of implication you're asking about (for example, an implication in the opinion of onlookers, or an implication according to the rules of Judaism (halakha), or what).
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  • Do you use the abbreviation "AD" when discussing the date?
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  • What date are you talking about? Commented Apr 19, 2020 at 15:38
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    Whilst a kippa does have the purpose of "as a sign of humility in the presence of G-d", wearing one at the Kotel is merely a courtesy to Jews there and doesn't say anything about your religious beliefs. Jews are well aware that many people visiting do not share all/some of our beliefs.
    – AKA
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