In a situation when Shushan Purim falls out on Shabbat, walled cities (which can't celebrate Purim on Shabbat) read the Megillah and give Matanot Le’Evyonim on Friday, while on Sunday they have their Purim Seudah and give Mishloach Manot.

Is Tachanun omitted on that Sunday 16 Adar even though it's not really a holiday itself? Does it matter if one is in a walled city and performing specifical commands or not?

  • During the period of the rishonim (with 99.9% of Jews lived outside walled cities) ttbomk no one mentions Sunday 16 Adar as a skip tachanun day. Make of that what you will. – Double AA Mar 18 '20 at 21:43

R. YM Tucazinsky writes in Ir Hakodesh Vehamikdash vol. III ch. 26 p. 355 that those in Jerusalem recite neither tachanun nor lamnatzeiach on Sunday 16 Adar.

R. S. Deblitzky in Purim Meshulash, ch. 7 p. 132 writes that those outside of a walled city do recite tachanun and lamnatzeiach on Sunday 16 Adar, but notes that one who is accustomed not to do so has a valid custom.

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